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In-Person Or Not? Fayette Schools Want Parents' Opinion On Classes

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Fayette County school leaders are awaiting the results of a survey sent out to parents gauging their appetite for a return to in-person classes, even as data show coronavirus levels still high in the district.

Tentative plans call for a return to classes on November 2nd in what's known as a hybrid model — separating students into two different cohorts who meet in-person two days a week and virtually the other three.

But district leaders say they've also heard from many teachers and parents who don't feel comfortable with a return to any kind of traditional schooling and would prefer to stick with remote learning. Board member Tyler Murphy told colleagues in September it's difficult to move forward without knowing how those percentages shake out.

"That's the critical step I see that's missing right here, that we just need to get our hands around what do those numbers look like," he said.

The survey, which runs through Wednesday, is asking parents to choose between an all-virtual learning plan or a hybrid model. The board is expected to take up the results at their October 26th meeting.

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