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LFCHD Officials Work Toward Use Of State Contact Tracing Software


The Fayette County Health Department is the only one in the state that still is not utilizing Kentucky’s COVID-19 contact tracing software. Officials say that is about to change. Earlier this week Governor Andy Beshear voiced frustration with the LFCHD for not inputting the number of Coronavirus cases in the county into the state’s system more quickly. Support was sent by the state to help with the backlog which once counted, raised Wednesday’s positive number of cases by more than 14-hundred cases. Those newly inputted numbers spanned a six week time frame and did not affect the overall positivity rate.

Fayette County is caught up and now Beshear wants the health department to get on board with the state’s contact tracing portal. The Governor said the advantages are that “It allows that data to be shared. Shared instantly with the state. Shared with people across county lines since people can live across county lines. It also the outside contact tracers that we hired to help in all of these counties be able to step in and help Fayette County if needed even if they are housed somewhere else. It allows us to have one major response even if it’s driven by local health departments.”

Fayette County Health Department Spokesman Kevin Hall said he understands the Governor’s frustrations and plans are in place to make the transition. “Here in Lexington we’re looking an October or November start date on it.” Beshear has raised the concern that the county could lose some CARES Act funding if they don’t begin using the state’s contact tracing system. Hall does not believe that will happen. “We’re getting everything running. We are working closely with the state because we appreciate all of the funding that is available to help with this response.”

Beshear said he would prefer and October deadline. Hall stressed that there have not been any reporting delays of COVID-19 data on the LFCHD website.