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Lexington Families Rally To End Virtual Learning

Karyn Czar, WUKY

Many parents and guardians of Fayette County school children have taken to social media, asking that public schools reopen to in-class learning. Some held signs and chanted outside FCPS central office Monday night while school board members met on-line. Those we talked to said the district was having too many issues with technology, connectivity and providing basic educational needs for at-risk students.

Leanne Sebourn, mother of three said the current plan wasn’t working. “I just have seen so many parents who are not getting the support that they need. Not from teachers, teachers are doing great. It’s from the school district. I know there are kids without internet, without computers. There are people that are having technology issues.”  

During his daily press briefing on Monday, Governor Andy Beshear said he would not issue any more recommendations beyond September 28th as to whether or not districts should implement virtual, hybrid or in-class plans. Instead, the state will provide color-coded virus information scaled at green, yellow, orange then red. Each school district could then make decisions on NTI or in-person learning based on the number of cases within their own county. Parents would also have guidance as to whether or not they think it’s safe to send their kids to school.

Monday night, FCPS Superintendent Manny Caulk said they would reevaluate their plan in two weeks and that everyone’s safety would be taken into consideration. “Our bus drivers, bus monitors, child nutrition workers, teachers, para-educators; they have one life. So I want to make sure we have everything in place.”

Sebourn said beyond the challenges of NTI, there has been a “complete lack of communication” from the Superintendent. “He’s very good about sending emails but they’re full of fluff and no concrete data and no decisions of what safe means. He says we can return when it’s safe but he’s not saying what safe means. What are the percentages of positive cases because I don’t think he wants to be held accountable.”

Caulk said once a decision is made to return to the classroom or transition to a hybrid program, it would be two weeks before any new plan would be implemented, giving families, educators and school administrators time to prepare for changes.