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More Than 600 Inmates Will Have Sentences Commuted Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Associated Press

On Tuesday Governor Andy Beshear signed an executive order the will allow 646 inmates to leave the prison system to avoid overcrowding and continue to slow the spread of COVID-19 in those facilities. Soon after the start of the pandemic, about 12-hundred inmates were released early. J. Michael Brown, Secretary of the Executive Cabinet said the same criteria will be used for this round of commutations.

"Basically two groups, those that the CDC has identified as being medically vulnerable and then those that have reached a point, are non-violent, non-sexual offenses that have less than six months to go on their sentences.” Brown said of inmates whose sentences are currently being commuted, 121 of them have been identified as "medically vulnerable," and 525 had six months or less to serve on their sentence.

At this his daily press briefing Tuesday, Beshear was asked if any crimes had been committed by any of the inmates released earlier in the year.“I have not gotten numbers on re-offenses. I don’t believe that it’s a significant number if there have been. In other words it hasn’t been flagged by our folks.” The Governor said he is hopeful that anyone who was granted early release will do everything they can to not go back to a facility where the Coronavirus can be rapidly spread.