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Protestors March In The Capitol City; Governor Vows Change

Karyn Czar

On Friday hundreds of people from across Central Kentucky descended on Frankfort to march together. They were protesting against police brutality and inequity among the black community. They were also celebrating what would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. She was a black EMT worker who was shot killed when Louisville Metro Police entered her home with a no knock warrant in March. The crowd waved signs like ‘sleeping while black,’ ‘black lives matter’ and ‘happy birthday Breonna.’

When they reached the back of the Capitol they filled the lawn and were met by Governor Andy Beshear. Beshear said he was listening and promised to create a more equitable world, starting with healthcare and education. He pointed to the disproportionate number of deaths in the African American community from the Coronavirus. “As we come out of this COVID-19 crisis we have a chance to rebuild this city, this Commonwealth and this country in a more just, fair, peaceful way that works for all of our citizens.”

In response to the Breonna Taylor case, Beshear said Breonna’s mother deserves justice.

“This would not have happened without hundreds of years of inequality. Without hundreds of years of blatant racism. Without hundreds of years of people being treated by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.”

The Governor also vowed to have the statue of Jefferson Davis removed from the Capitol Rotunda and taken to a historical site.