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Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Legal In Kentucky

Associated Press

With a 16-1 vote, a state house committee moved House Bill 136 forward.  It would make medical marijuana legal in Kentucky.  Supporters of the bill like Cassie and Taylor Everett call the move life-changing.

Cassie suffers from epilepsy and has to take a handful of drugs daily. She told LEX-18 “To just think that I have an option of living a life without all the side effects of the medication I take. It’s unbelievable.”

The bill allows the plant to be cultivated in the Commonwealth, but not home grown. It can be consumed several ways except for smoking, vaping will be allowed. Consumers won’t be taxed, but cultivators and distributors will. Some issues surrounding the bill need to be worked out, like how it will impact anyone who has been previously charged with marijuana crimes when it was used for medical purposes and how will it change law enforcement of the drug. The bill heads to the house floor.