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Lexington Police 'Mourn' The Loss Of Krispy Kreme Truck

Lexington Police Department

Playing on the sterotype that officers lo e doughnuts, Lexinton Police Policein Kentucky found some humor after an empty doughnut truck caught fire. A Krispy Kreme driver stopped Monday after noticing smoke in the cab of his truck following a delivery in Morehead. The fire was extinguished quickly and no one was hurt and happily no doughnuts were on board.

Officers who responded took sorrowful photos next to the charred truck and posted them on social media with the tag line "no words." Police departments from across the country chimed in to offer their condolences. The New York City Police Department tweeted , "Hang tight, we are sending backup forthwith ... We hope you like sprinkles."

And Krispy Kreme tweeted "We're thinking of you during this difficult time...and have more doughnuts on the way!"