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Both Parties Speak Out: GOP Headquarters Vandalized

Josh James

The Republican Party offices in Lexington were vandalized over the weekend. Kentucky GOP Party Chairman Gary McCollum said he got the call around noon on Saturday saying vandals had scrawled “Nazi scum” and “Die Nazi” on the windows of the building on Southland Drive.

Just after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, the windows there were shattered. McCollum said “I don’t think it’s representative of our community here in Lexington and I don’t think it’s representative of our country.”

A statement was released by Republican Party of Kentucky Communications Director Tres Watson saying "This was the action of hate-filled vandals whose only goal is to further divide us. I don't believe its representative of the people of Lexington and I don't believe our community should or will have any tolerance for this sort of behavior."

The Kentucky Democratic Party issued the following statement, “The Kentucky Democratic Party cannot condone the defacing or destruction of property such as what has occurred at the Fayette County Republican Party office. We denounce hate and racism, but we cannot expect to eradicate it through violent or destructive behavior.”

And Lexington Mayor Jim Gray tweeted, "Lexington has zero tolerance for this vandalism. We are all Americans, regardless of party registration. Let's stand together to condemn hate and violence."