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Scammers Used Facebook To Con Lexington Woman

A Lexington grandmother is out $500 after falling for one of the oldest scams in the book that’s seeing new life on social media.

Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau tells us the woman got a private message from a close friend who said she got government money from an agency called Federal Government IFC. The woman contacted the company which promised her $20k if she would just send a processing fee. Only, the message on facebook came from a dummy account.“We had to explain to her that the person that she thought was her friend on facebook had actually had their account hacked or cloned. And that’s what the con artist will do. They get ahold of someone’s facebook page. They contact everyone on the friend list with whatever their scam is and they      bank on that tie that people have with their friends into believing it and falling for a scam just like this.”

Clay says that $500 is lost and can’t be recovered. She said any time you are offered a prize or settlement and are asked to send money in order to get money, it is a scam.