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Unique Art Helps Ring In Kentucky's Birthday

Karyn Czar

The Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea is celebrating the state’s 225th birthday with a unique piece of art, a massive sand sculpture featuring things that are synonymous with the bluegrass like music, horses, Abe Lincoln, Daniel Boone and Natural Bridge.

Unlike other art at the center, it’s not for sale, can’t be moved and if you want to see it you need to visit the Artisan Center soon because it will disappear. This 10-ton work of art is made of sand and was carved by artist Damon Farmer.

Farmer lives in Versailles and has traveled the world, hired to create unique sand sculptures like the one in Berea. He coats his pieces with an adhesive which helps it stay together. Depending on weather, it could last anywhere from several weeks to two months.