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Fort Knox To Stop Accepting Kentucky Licenses For Entry

AP Photo/Dylan Lovan
In this Thursday, June 27, photo, an old Army tank now stands as a monument near the entrance to Fort Knox, Ky.

Kentucky residents soon may need a passport to enter Fort Knox.

The News-Enterprise of Elizabethtown reports Kentucky licenses and state-issued IDs don't meet minimum security standards established by the 2005 Real ID Act. Fort Knox issued a statement saying that beginning Jan. 30, the post will no longer accept a license from Kentucky and eight other non-compliant states.

Most people entering the post regularly won't be affected, as an approved U.S. military ID is an acceptable alternative.

State Rep. Jim DuPlessis is co-sponsor of House Bill 77, which would make Kentucky licenses in compliance with Real ID. The bill will not be up for consideration before Fort Knox changes its admission policy, so DuPlessis recommends frequent visitors to obtain an installation entry pass before changes go into effect.

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