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New Playground At Jacobson Park Ready For Action


The new playground at Jacobson Park in Lexington is open and as Karyn Czar explains, it’s different than most.

The light rain that fell off and on throughout the day hasn’t stopped anyone from coming to Jacobson Park today.  The new playground was filled.  Kids were spinning on a modern merry-go-round, running across spongy rubber paths, across bridges and down swirling slides.  They hung on ropes, climbed ladders and flew into the air on swings while parents chatted and watched their every move.  And along the sidewalk, rows of pipes played music through water and movement. 

So as you move around in front of the pipes, the music changes.  The park also features play areas geared for different age groups and has easy access for children and adults with disabilities.  The entire project cost $490,000.

Karyn Czar joined the WUKY News team July 1, 2013, but she's no stranger to radio.
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