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Attention Booklovers: Morris Book Shop Is Up For Sale

Morris Book Shop

A beloved local bookstore could soon be handed off to new owners.

Morris Book Shop owner Wyn Morris (no relation) is hoping a fellow booklover will step forward and keep his indie creation alive, but he acknowledges a challenge is in store. In an age when Amazon and other massive online retailers rule the marketplace, the cozy hangout has attracted a devoted following but not quite enough in profits. And when it comes to ideas for staying competitive, Morris says he’s pulled just about every trick out his sleeve.

"We absolutely built the store, and now have the store, that we set out to build," he says. "It's the realities of the retail bricks-and-mortar book business in 2016 that have really sort of crept up."

Morris says his landlord is working with him to keep the store open until a deal is worked out, but if no buyers are forthcoming he’ll have to close up shop. Still, he tells WUKY the outpouring of kind words from the community Tuesday makes him confident the store has a fighting chance.

"I get a very strong feeling that especially today with the reaction and folks I've been talking to that I really do think there is an excellent chance that someone will step forward and we'll see the Morris Book Shop go on for at least another eight years, if not forever," he remarks.

The original Morris Book Shop first opened in 1937 and came under various owners before closing in 1978.

Note: WUKY has partnered with Morris Book Shop to produce numerous segments for its Bookmarks segment.