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Lexingtonians Queue Up To "Feel The Bern"

Josh James

The doors will soon open at Heritage Hall for tonight’s Bernie Sanders rally. Josh James hit the Lexington Center this afternoon to hear what supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate are saying ahead of Kentucky’s May 17 primary.

The stage is prepped, the now familiar “A Future To Believe In” signs are hung, and it’s soundcheck time.  

If Tuesday’s event in Louisville is any predictor, thousands of Sanders faithful will squeeze into Heritage Hall. Hours before the gates even open, a steadily growing line of mostly young fans break out the playing cards as they sit patiently outside the entrance. Jill Harrison is one of four friends who claimed the first spot.

"I've never been into politics. I'm almost 30 years old. I used to be registered as a Republican actually until this year because of Bernie," she says. "It just gives me chills talking about him right now because he's just amazing."

Sanders arrives in Lexington hot on the heels of an upset victory over Hillary Clinton in Indiana, but the popular Vermont senator still faces a daunting deficit in pledged delegates. You wouldn’t know it from the mood though. Ask if the self-styled democratic socialist still has a viable path to the nomination and the responses are unequivocal: "oh, definitely," "absolutely!"

Another enthusiastic supporter, Annelle Maggard, says it’s “Bernie or bust” in November and she won’t pull the lever for Clinton if she 's the party's nominee.

The Sanders fans say they’ll keep phone banking and campaigning for their candidate up to Election Day.

The rally gets underway at 7 PM.

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