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Obama's 'All Of The Above' Energy Portfolio Discussed At UK Innovation Forum

Alan Lytle

Researchers from across the country are gathering at UK today to discuss economic opportunities from emerging energy technologies.  The Regional Energy Innovation Forum, sponsored by the UK Center for Applied Energy Research featured a keynote address from U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. 

Moniz told the group that the Obama Administration’s all of the above energy portfolio strategy, which was touted recently in the Paris conference, is an opportunity for Kentucky’s beleaguered coal industry to reinvent itself.

"There will need to be continuously increasing ambition with time.  A key enabler for that increasing ambition will be cost reduction of these technologies to compete with others.  In that context I think, whether its carbon capture or coal conversion I would not take my eye off the ball that what we need to do is to find novel processes that reduce costs," Moniz said.

The conference took place Thursday on the Mezzanine level of the newly renovated Commonwealth Stadium.

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