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Radio Eye Holds Celebrity Reader Week

A local charity for the blind is wrapping up its eighth annual celebrity readers week. 

The group, known as Radio Eye, has volunteers read books, magazines, and local newspapers over the airwaves.  Most listeners either have diminished sight from aging, or have conditions that prevent them from reading, and listen to these broadcasts with a special radio.  Executive Director Amy Hatter says Celebrity Reader week started out as a way to increase awareness of the service.

“A chance to get to know us, and also to give our listeners a special treat, just outside of what we normally read,” she said.  

Joining volunteers this week were a variety of local celebrities, including Mayor Jim Gray and Herald-Leader Sports Columnists Mark Story and John Clay.  State Representative of Lexington Susan Westrom, also read, and has written legislation to help the visually impaired.  She praised Radio Eye’s expansion from just the Bluegrass to covering the entire Commonwealth. 

“I am amazed.  Obviously, they are doing something right, and as a result of that, people are understanding how important it is to keep radio eye funding so people who benefit from this will be able to rely on their services,” she said.

More information on Radio Eye, including volunteer opportunities and how to access the service, can be found online at their website or by calling 859-422-6390.