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Outage Texting Up And Running At Power Company

If you can send a text, you can now report a power outage and find out when it will be restored.  Kentucky Utilities and LG&E unveiled their new outage texting option Friday. 

Spokesman Cliff Felthum says this will be a key tool to keeping you in the loop when you’re in the dark.  “This new service that we provide or new tool is the start of the two-way communication between the customer and us as a company.”  Felthum says not to worry; you can still get a hold of KU the old fashioned way.  “There are always customers that would prefer to have that safety net or the comfort of being able to talk to somebody.  There’s also an element of the world now that could care about face to face conversation and they’d rather do it by text.  So we’re providing this by text.”

At this point the system isn’t designed for customers to report a downed power line so you should call their main number if you see one.  The company started using the new outage texting option Friday morning.  To use the new tool simply text the words outage or status to 4LGEKU to report a loss of electricity or to find out when your power will be restored.

Here's the video that shows how it works  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwyH2eOYpZg