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Board Games Galore This Weekend At LexiCon 2015

Lexicon Gaming

Hundreds of board game enthusiasts will gather in Lexington this weekend for the second annual LexiCon convention.  Event coordinator Greg Franseth says people can play some old familiar favorites and try their hand at some new offerings, too.

"We have a library of over one thousand games and you will find Clue, Trouble, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Operation, everything you remember from being a kid, to dozens of games released just in the last two years," said event organizer Greg Franseth.

He added that reports of the death of board games are decidedly premature.

"As the world gets more and more technological, we can't escape our work, we can't escape phones, so people need to be more deliberate about sitting down and doing things with friends and family and board games is an easy way to do that," Franseth said.

LexiCon runs Friday through Sunday at the Clarion Hotel in downtown Lexington.  Additional information is available here.

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