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Schools Redistricting Committee Makes Headway

Step One is complete. The Fayette County School Rezoning Committee has wrapped up efforts to review public input and make changes to district maps for the elementary, middle and high schools. 

Fayette County school boundaries are being redrawn to accommodate two new high schools and two new elementary schools that will be constructed and open in the next two years and to deal with overcrowding.  One decision made was to reassign the Greenbrier neighborhood to a new elementary school east of Interstate 75 off Polo Club Boulevard.  Other changes were made for a small number of students who attend Rosa Parks and Booker T Washington Elementary Schools. 

After last night’s meeting the rezoning committee sent an e-mail to parents saying in part “In our meetings we have weighed the individual concerns of residents against the guiding principles established by the Fayette County Board of Education, including capacity, neighborhood schools and socio-economic balance.  We fully appreciate that the decisions we are making will have an impact on families and understand this is an emotional process because it touches people’s lives.”  Committee Chairman Alan Stein also wanted to make it clear that this was merely a starting point and the process is far from over.