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Lexington Mayor Asks Fans To Be Responsible

When you drive down State Street, University Avenue and others packed with student housing just off UK’s campus, you can almost feel the anticipation in the air. 

Banners are already flying showing support for the UK Wildcats but absent thus far are couches on the lawns.  Instead flyers are posted on each door from law enforcement reminding residents that any furniture that in meant for the indoors would be removed if left outside. 

Today, Mayor Jim Gray said he’ll be cheering on the Cats and plans to celebrate “when they win” but asks everyone to do the same within reason.  “We expect celebrations, we expect enthusiasm and excitement is a big part of the game and celebration of the game but I would just say let’s try to celebrate responsibly.”

Kentucky plays West Virginia tonight around 9:45.  The game will be televised on CBS and Lexington Police will be stationed around State Street before it ends.