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Artists Add Local Flair To Area Kroger Store

The Kroger on Euclid Avenue is about to become a template for the national chain when it comes to art.

When the Euclid Avenue Kroger was getting ready to be torn down, its popularity and community support was immediately clear by the number of protests and signature campaigns, asking the company to leave the treasured store as it was.  While the Kroger Corporation moved ahead with the project, they vowed to make the new building different from any other; it’s full of modern conveniences but maintains the feel of a neighborhood grocer like many in larger cities. 

Now the store has added art to the mix by creating original art murals.  Maury Sparrow, Communications Director of LexArts worked with Kroger to commission the artists for the project.  “There are three murals, one exterior and two interior and they were all done by local artists.  That represents $45,000 of direct artist wages into the community.”

The CEO of Kroger was so impressed with the finished products; the idea will be expanded to all their stores.  Sparrow said LexArts and the Euclid store will serve as templates to show the other locations how to tap into local talent in their own cities.