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Documentary On Floyd Collins Debuts This Weekend

Remix Films

A Central Kentucky filmmaker premieres a new documentary on an ordinary man who became a media sensation.

90 years ago this month the nation was transfixed over the fate of Kentuckian Floyd Collins, a spelunker who got himself stuck in a small 100 foot deep cave near Mammoth Cave.  Attempts to rescue the explorer, while dramatic, proved futile.  Now a Kentucky filmmaker is bringing this chapter in history to the big screen with a documentary debuting this weekend.

“For about two and a half weeks in February of 1925 not only the nation but the entire world was focused daily on the Floyd Collins story.”

Director Michael Crisp of Georgetown says the Death of Floyd Collins chronicles not only his tragic passing, but also what came after.

“He had several funerals, he was exhumed a few times, his body was stolen once, his body was put on display once in one of the caves that he had discovered before he got stuck in this particular cave,” Crisp said.

The movie has its world premiere Friday night in the Theaters of Georgetown.