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Number Of Confiscated Items Increasing At Airports

More people are bringing banned items in their carry-on luggage because they don't want to pay to check their bags.  That means longer delays for you.

If you’re flying over the holidays, you can expect longer lines at security check-points, but all the delays aren’t because of the number of passengers.  “I don’t know why someone decided to market a grenade shaped perfume bottle but it does cause problems both at the check points and at checked bags because at first glance we’re not going to know if it’s a live grenade or not.” said TSA Spokesperson Mark Howell.

And that’s just one example of a banned item that’s been found by security in someone’s carry-on bag.  Howell showed us a table full of weapons like guns, knives and brass knuckles.  There was also a gas can, small torch, a hammer and even a brick.  Some of those items could cause a line to completely shut down, but Howell said even something as simple as a bottle of water can bring things to a halt.  “Take a look at what you have with you before you come to the airport because taking that two or three minutes at home to make sure you don’t have those bottles of water, alcohol bottles, knives, to something as crazy as a brick…doing the research before you come to the airport is going to save not only you time going through the check point, but everyone behind you in line.”

Banned items will be confiscated and depending on what it is, you could be slapped with a fine up to $7500.  A list of banned items and items that can be transported but only in checked luggage can be found at this link http://www.tsa.gov/