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Cyber Week Security Tips

On-line shopping is at an all time high this time of year.  Here are a few tips to keep your identity safe while shopping with your computer.

Cyber crime continues to be a growing problem and scammers are out in full force this Cyber Week.  Kelly May, spokesperson with the Department of Financial Institutions says, there are ways you can protect yourself.  “Be careful of links and attachments, those are two of the main culprits of how hackers can get into your information.  Also when you’re shopping on line, be sure that the websites you’re using are encrypted.  So look for the “s” in the https because that stands for secure.  And not just on the first page of your check-out.  Often check-outs have multiple pages.  Make sure that “s” is showing up on every page as you check out.”

Bargains will continue as stores capitalize on the popularity of Cyber Monday by extending on-line deals for the entire week.  May said identity thieves will send e-mails or create false sites claiming to sell the products you’re looking for, at unbeatable prices.  Along with making sure sites are secure, she suggests only buying items from reputable retailers.