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UK Hosting Retirement-themed Conference

University of Kentucky employees with an eye toward retirement have an opportunity to get many of their questions answered at a special forum Friday.

The 2014 “Making the Most of Your Retirement” conference takes place all day in the Grand Ballroom of the UK Student Center.  

Among the speakers this year is John E. Nelson, author of the worldwide best-seller “What Color Is Your Parachute” and Dan Morris, a global investment strategist with TIAA CREF, who will offer a market perspective on the recession and recovery and what that means to your bottom line.

“When you have recessions that are caused by credit bubbles bursting like we had, the recessions are really bad which this certainly was, and the recoveries tend to be really sluggish," Morris told WUKY.

Morris believes more people will start feeling the effects of the economic recovery.

“Because it’s been such a slow recovery, it’s going to be probably longer lasting than ones we’ve seen in the past.  That means the U-S economy in the next several years looks pretty good.  We think the recovery is going to keep chugging along, consumer demand will pick up slowly, the housing market will get better slowly, wages will get better, again slowly.  It’s not that people are going to feel excited and exuberant, but I think every quarter, every year it’s going to be better than the previous one," Morris said.

Attendees will also get presentations on UK Retirement Benefits, Social Security, specially-themed workshops, and panel discussions.  Additional information is available here.