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Council Member Shevawn Akers Prevails In Battle Over Eligibility


An Urban County Council member running for re-election has prevailed in a court battle over her eligibility.

Incumbent Lexington District 2 Council member Shevawn Akers faced a lawsuit by her challenger, Michael Stuart.  The lawsuit alleged that she did not meet the requirements to be a candidate.

Early Friday evening, the judge ruled in Akers' favor, saying she can remain in the race.

Stuart claimed Akers did not get the required 100 signatures from voters living inside District 2 that she needed to file for candidacy.

He also alleged that Akers didn't live inside the district for the six months prior to filing for re-election.   Among those testifying for the plaintiff were Fayette County Clerk Don Blevins, and a friend of Akers, who read aloud in court transcripts of text messages that Stuart’s attorneys said proved Akers wasn't living in the district.

In the end, the judge ruled in Akers’ favor which means will remain a candidate on the ballot.

Shortly after the verdict Akers wrote on her Facebook page:

After 6 hours of testimony, the Court found that I am, and have always been, a qualified candidate to serve the 2nd District. I can't wait to get back to serving my District & talking to voters on the campaign trail. Here's to victory in November!!!

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