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Kentucky Rep. Backs Release Of Censored 9/11 Documents

A Kentucky U.S. congressman says access to 28 redacted pages of the government’s 9/11 report could change the way Americans view the attacks. 

Originally classified by the Bush administration, the documents  are available to members of Congress but remain off limits to the general public.

Vanceburg Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, who has reviewed the pages, says the documents could alter Americans’ views on U.S. intervention in the Middle East. He spoke with cn|2 Pure Politics during the August recess.

"They're very profound and I think those 28 pages need to be released to the public. I think all congressman should go read those 28 pages. Because we fought two wars ostensibly to keep another 9/11 from happening," Massie argues.

The congressman describes the missing portions of the report as embarrassing to the Bush administration but not in a way that would constitute a national security threat if released today.

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