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UK Students Submit Feature Film As Senior Thesis

A pair of University of Kentucky seniors will leave school this year with more than a graduation certificate.

Brothers Ben and Zak Norton are the creators of a full-length feature fil, shot over the last eight months on a shoe-string budget with UK Theater majors taking on the acting duties.

"This has kind of been in the back of our minds for the last four years. We didn't know what story we were going to tell. We just knew we wanted to make something this huge before we graduated," Zak Norton says.

Norton describes the film, dubbed “Loofo,” as a genre-defying narrative that tracks an unambitious community college student who gets caught up with an unusual activist faction that interrogates corporate executives.

"And the question for Loofo becomes... does he stay with them and continue their tactics or does he go back and retreat to his mom's basement and continue his mundane, suburbia life?" he says.

Though the film satisfies a senior thesis requirement for the brothers, Zak says the intent was really to get one full-fledged production under their belts before exploring the wider world of filmmaking.

Loofo will be screened tonight at the Worsham Theatre in the UK Student Center.

Watch the trailer below.


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