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Music Bloggers Producing Videos of Local Musicians

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - A new music blog is showcasing the talents of local musicians from central Kentucky.

The productions aren’t quite as fancy as something you’d see on MTV, but that’s the point of the music videos posted to ShakerSteps.com.  Executive Producer Derek Feldman and friend Mark Rush record local artists and also musicians who just happen to be stopping in Lexington for a gig.

“You get the music but you also get the visual experience of them. And then the way that we shoot, you get a little of the behind-the-scenes stuff too,” says Feldman.

With just a couple of cameras and lights, the live music videos are recorded at different places around town, such as an old farmhouse or a bourbon distillery.

For singer-songwriter Justin Paul Lewis of Louisville, the videos are a way of connecting with a new audience.

“Blogs like this, sessions like this, are so DIY, and it can reach out to so many different people.”

Feldman, a singer-songwriter himself, got the idea for Shaker Steps after participating in a similar project in St. Louis.

And the bloggers both have day jobs -- Feldman works for Community Action Council and Rush is a high school physics teachers. But they’ve already  produced more than a dozen videos since launching in November.

“We’re offering [the musicians] these promotional music videos for free, which is great, we’re not charging them for it. But we also want to pay them for their time. Especially touring musicians, it’s nice to have a little extra money in your pocket as you’re touring through town. We want to show off Lexington like that.”

Shaker Steps has also partnered with  WUKY’s Rock & Roots.