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Redistricting Process Under Fire

By Josh James


Lexington, KY – Days may have passed since the bill became law, but some Kentucky lawmakers are still questioning the wisdom of Frankfort's latest round of redistricting. A panel of legislators at the Step Up For Kids conference in Lexington Monday sounded off on the issue.

Redistricting remains a sensitive issue for Democratic State Representatives Susan Westrom, Kelly Flood, and Carl Rollins. At the panel discussion, Rollins blamed the outcome on a faulty system.

"The process is the problem. It's so political. Each chamber is trying to retain their majority membership and that's what it's all about," Rollins said.

Representative Westrom expressed dissatisfaction with what she called a "closed process" that didn't give legislators long to examine the proposed maps before voting. Still, the lawmakers acknowledged what's important now is to move forward with the people's business.

"It has been a remarkable month of vitriol, but all of us recognize the bill is now the law and it's time to get down to the issues before us. I think, frankly, we're all eager to do it," Representative Kelly Flood said.

Though many lawmakers would like to see a change in the process, Representative Rollins said he doubts either party is willing to take the first step and relinquish their ability to draw the lines.