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Lexington Moves Toward Two-Way Streets Downtown

By Josh James


Lexington, KY – Lexington is moving forward on plans to convert one-way streets downtown to two-way. The city has already put out the call for consultants.

The Urban County Council voted to begin studying the two-way conversion two years ago, but the plan hit a series of snags. Now, with grant funding, the city is once again taking up the issue. The streets in question - Short and Second, Main and Vine, High and Maxwell, and Upper and Limestone - have been one-way since the 1970s and Chris King, director of the city's Division of Planning, says Lexington isn't alone in wanting to revert to the old traffic pattern.

"Many communities have gone back and done that to try to make their downtowns a little more liveable, less dependent on moving traffic through as quickly as possible," he says.

King says proposals are due in three weeks. A committee will then review them and select a consultant. The city hopes to start the study by January 1st.