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Study: Lexington Most Sedentary City In U.S.

By Alan Lytle


Lexington, KY – Anytime they're talking about your town on the Colbert Report, 9 times out of 10 it's not for a good reason. Wednesday evening, the host cited a new study by Men's Health Magazine declaring Lexington, Kentucky as the most sedentary city in the United States. WUKY news caught up with Men's Health deputy editor Matt Marion, to find out why Lexington earned the dubious dishonor.

"We looked at where and how often people exercise. That's from a company called Experion Marketing, and also since some people don't actually define their physical activity as exercise, per se, we just looked at people who say they get around and do something, anything as long as they are moving; and that's the CDC data. And then of course, just sitting watching TV, playing video games, are also classic couch potato activities."

But what made Lexington the absolute worst, was a high number of deaths related to deep vein thrombosis; a condition affecting the legs, often linked to inactivity. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray was asked for his reaction to the study's findings.

"I see people on the streets of Lexington but it also reminds us that we can always do better and the health of all of our citizens is something that we are interested in."

The mayor says there will be plenty of opportunities for citizens to move around town this Holiday Weekend. The Fourth of July festival officially gets under way with Thursday Night Live in Cheapside Park.