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Doneghy Trial Enters Week Two

By Brenna Angel


LEXINGTON, Ky. – The murder trial of a man charged with killed a Lexington police officer has entered week two of testimony.

Prosecutors introduced several pieces of evidence Monday, including boots, ammunition, and a taser. A detective in the police forensics unit showed jurors items from Officer Bryan Durman's uniform that flew off when he was struck and killed in a hit and run crash on North Limestone.

34-year-old Glenn Doneghy is accused of murder. He owns the maroon Chevy Tahoe that hit Officer Durman, but may not have been the one driving. In addition to Doneghy's, a woman's DNA was also found on the steering wheel.

Detective Ben Shirley helped locate the vehicle within an hour of the crash. Shirley testified that he looked near the Legends baseball stadium and ended up on Northland Drive.

"As we rounded the corner of the building, we immediately saw a vehicle matching the description of the broadcast. A maroon over gold or brown-- more maroon than anything - SUV, with the damage that was consistent, the mirror missing, damage to the driver's side of the vehicle."

Defense attorney Kate Dunn pointed out that the Durman lives at an apartment complex on Northland, and the vehicle was not hidden.

Also Monday, Judge James Ishmael dismissed a juror who had a personal family matter. That leaves the panel with 12 jurors and one alternate.