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Lexington Launches "Not Even For A Minute" Campaign

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – Members of Lexington's Police, Fire, and Emergency Response Divisions used this sweltering hot day to demonstrate the dangers of leaving a child in a hot car. They sealed up a giant thermometer and a child car seat inside a vehicle and parked it in the outdoor parking lot of the Fire Training Academy.

"Anything really over seventy degrees, a car will increase by twenty degrees in the first five to ten minutes. So on a ninety degree day that means that car is going to be a hundred and ten degrees within ten minutes. Let's see, right now we're up to a hundred and thirty two degrees in there."

Battalion Chief Marshall Griggs says the city has launched a new "Not Even For a Minute" awareness campaign which includes a social media component, and a window decal that will accompany the installation of child safety seats at local fire stations.

"It's a small decal that will go on the front of the windshield. And it may sound silly, but the idea is that it's just a little reminder that we all can use."

Griggs says the Lexington Parking Authority has underwritten the cost of the decal depicting a child strapped in a car seat with a blazing thermometer to the right, and the aforementioned slogan.