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Lexington Man Pleads Not Guilty In Wife's Death

By Associated Press

Lexington, KY – A Fayette County judge has denied a request to reduce bond for Donald Southworth, who's accused of killing his wife last year.

Being held on $500,000 bond is 48-year-old Donald Southworth Jr. He was arrested Thursday and charged with murder in the death of Umi Southworth last June. He pleaded not guilty Friday.

Judge Kimberly Bunnell denied defense lawyer Michael Rowland's request that bond be reduced to 10 percent of $100,000, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Lexington police mistakenly thought Umi Southworth was already dead when they found her behind her home with severe head injuries and didn't immediately seek medical treatment for her. She died the next day. Police have since revised their policies to check for signs of life and contact emergency services.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for June 23.