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UK Football Player Apologizes For Critical Tweets of Fans

By Alan Lytle

Lexington, KY – Randall Cobb says he is sorry for posting tweets highly critical of UK football fans. The junior receiver, who caught the game-winning touchdown pass last week against South Carolina, says he knew almost immediately after posting the remarks, that he shouldn't have done it.

"It didn't take anybody from the media calling me. None of my coaches calling me. Nothing like that. It was all my decision to take it down. I knew it was wrong when I did it. Right after I sent it, I had to take it back. I was out of character. I just hope that everybody can forgive me."

Cobb says he and his teammates were stung by the boos they heard early in the South Carolina game when the Wildcats trailed the Gamecocks by 18 points. Kentucky hosts the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday.