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KSP to Graduate New Troopers, Force Remains Understaffed

By Tony McVeigh


FRANKFORT, Ky. – Soon, there will be 63 new Kentucky State Police Troopers patrolling the commonwealth's highways. Graduation ceremonies for this year's cadet class are set for Friday in Frankfort.

KSP Academy Commander, Captain Phil Crumpton, says the cadets have successfully completed an intensive training program.

"They've come through. They've been tested like you wouldn't believe. They've done hundreds of push-ups, hundreds of set-ups, and run hundreds of miles in 23 weeks. So, not only are they trained well, but they're also in great physical shape and they're ready to get to work. We need the help out there."

Crumpton says the force remains understaffed. The latest graduating class will increase the number of Kentucky State Police Troopers to 921, but preferred troop strength is 1,070.

Recruiting for next year's cadet class has already started.