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Council Delays City Layoffs

By Stu Johnson

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – In his 2010-2011 budget proposal, Mayor Jim Newberry recommended laying-off 17 permanent employees.

The Urban County Council went along with eliminating five jobs in social services, but Vice Mayor Jim Gray says further study will be done into the other 12 positions.

"Retain those positions while the council examines the process for these layoffs and the opportunities that have been provided these people for finding other jobs in government."

Council member Ed Lane believes the body is micro-managing on personnel matters.

"I feel like the management, the executive branch oversees the personnel that are employed by the government and they're in a better position to make those decisions."

The affected employees would remain in their current positions for six months while the review is conducted. Final approval of the $274 million budget is expected on June 24th.