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Chandler Against Current Healthcare Proposal

By Stu Johnson

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Unless there are "dramatic" last minute changes, Kentucky Congressman Ben Chandler will not vote for the massive health care reform measure.

The Versailles democrat says it still doesn't deal with a priority issue in health care. "I think it's very expensive and they haven't done in my view what's necessary to reduce costs in the overall system."

Chandler says one way of reducing costs is to address administrative expenses. "The administrative costs of the health insurance companies are exceedingly high in this country. They run about 20 percent. Twenty cents on every dollar goes to administrative costs. That is well above the world average which is eight percent," he said.

Chandler contends there are many positive facets to the legislation, but says troubling provisions will keep him from supporting the bill unless drastic changes are made.