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Is Amanda's Bill In Trouble?

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – Amanda's Bill on domestic violence cleared the Kentucky House on January 12th. Since then, it's been lodged in the Senate Judiciary Committee where it's had a couple of hearings, but still awaits a committee vote. Is it in trouble? Senate President David Williams. "If there was any attempt to kill the bill, it just wouldn't be heard. I think that they're doing a great job. There's been some tremendous hearings. And I think there will be a good piece of legislation that will emerge."

Amanda's Bill would require electronic tracking of some individuals in domestic violence cases. It's named for Amanda Ross, who was gunned down outside her Lexington townhouse last September. Accused of her murder is her ex-fianc , former Rep. Steve Nunn of Glasgow. Nunn awaits trial and has pleaded NOT guilty.