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Convicted Felon Has Been Casting Ballots For Decades

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – In 1972, in Jefferson County, Stephen Ray Thomason was convicted of homicide in the death of Eugene Kaufman.

Just months after receiving a probated sentence, Thomason registered to vote, and has been a regular voter. But recently, family members of the victim became aware of Thomason's wrongful registration and complained to authorities.

Earlier this year, after records of his felony conviction were found in the Jefferson County archives, Thomason was indicted on a felony voter fraud charge by a Bullitt County grand jury.

Thomason pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. The attorney general's office is recommending a one-year sentence, probated if he successfully completes five years of supervision.

In the meantime, the AG's office is working with local elections officials to make sure Thomason is removed from voter rolls.