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"Hog" Makers Staying Put - Not Relocating To KY

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – Union workers at the Harley-Davidson plant in York County, Pennsylvania, voted overwhelmingly for a seven-year contract that includes wage concessions. The vote ends seven months of speculation over the future of the assembly plant and means the facility won't be moving to Shelbyville, Kentucky. "It's very disappointing. The people here at the local level in Shelby County and the state did everything they could to make this an attractive place for Harley to become their home, but unfortunately, they didn't see it that way."

But Shelby County Sen. Gary Tapp does not believe Harley-Davidson played Kentucky in order to win union concessions in Pennsylvania. He says the company spent too much time and money on the potential site in Shelbyville for that to be the case.