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UK Helps Launch Statewide Second Hand Smoke Awareness Campaign

By McCuddy / Wheeler / Lytle


Lexington, KY – According to a new UK HealthCare survey, more than one and a half million Kentuckians underestimate the health impact second-hand smoke can have. Ellen Hahn, is the director of UK's Tobacco Policy Research Program and Kentucky Center for a Smoke-free Policy...

(We know that tobacco takes its toll in Kentucky, we have so many people that that are losing their lives and not only from first hand smoking from second hand smoke and so this is one of the many things that UK Health Care is trying to do and our partners are trying to do to reduce exposure to second hand smoke in homes and cars, and so we are really targeting parents and targeting people's families and what they can do personally to reduce exposure for their family members as well as for their children.)

A recent U.S. Surgeon General's report estimates second-hand smoke causes about 46,000 deaths a year to nonsmokers. Kentucky had the highest tobacco smoking prevalence rate among adults in 2008. The UK Health Care survey comes just two months before the university implements a campus wide smoking ban.