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Former Colleagues Express Sadness - Bewilderment Over Nunn's Self-Destruction

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – In the House, former representative Steve Nunn was known for his compassion and sensitivity on issues like domestic violence. For Nunn to now be charged with murder is incomprehensible to Louisville Rep. Jim Wayne, who worked closely with Nunn on many social issues. "What this points to is a serious concern about something that may have happened to him, in terms of his personality - whether there's something neurological or chemical or some type of substance abuse - that may have altered his behavior and his judgment."

Wayne and other House members who worked with Nunn say the man now charged with murder is not the man they thought they knew. The lawmakers also expressed deep regret to the family of Amanda Ross, the young woman allegedly gunned down by Nunn last Friday in Lexington.