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Senate President Blasts Churchill For Promoting Slots

By Rick Howlett


Louisville, KY – The Republican from Burkesville was the speaker at today's (Thursday's) Rotary

Club of Louisville luncheon.

Democratic Governor Steve Beshear and the racing industry have been trying to

push a bill through the General Assembly that would allow expanded gambling

at horse tracks. The most recent legislation failed to clear a state Senate

committee this year.

Williams says the people who are most likely to play slots at Churchill Downs and

other tracks are those who can least afford it.

it's going to hurt the people in the west end of louisville. it's going to hurt people

in the south end of louisville, the very areas that you're talking about going into the

schools and helping those folks. there are not very many people in prospect

that are going to play those slot machines, there are not very many people that

go to the homes where they have home-a-rama are going to go down there

and play those slot machines)

Officials at Churchill Downs and other Kentucky tracks say slots revenue is critical to their

future, as they're unable to compete with facilities in states where casino games

allow them to offer higher racing purses.