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Gen Y'ers Publish Threat Assesment

By Bryan Bartlett


Lexington, KY – Sponsored by the Henry Clay Center for Statesmanship, students representing all fifty states and the District of Columbia, spent the week in discussions and lectures on statesmanship, the art of diplomacy and international relations. On Wednesday, the group debated the top five global threats for the next generation which resulted in a published "threat assessment". They concluded that terrorism and Middle Eastern/U-S relations should be the chief focus of the next generation. Student statesman Corey Curtis is a 20-year-old International Studies and Political Science major who attends the University of Nebraska. He says given the gravity of the issues we face, it would be easy for his generation and the next to become pessimistic. But Curtis says hope is the best way forward.

Rounding out the "Annual Index of Global Threats " were education and gender equity, sustainability and environmental concerns, the threat of global pandemics and global warming. The report can be viewed and downloaded at henry-clay-cs-dot-org.