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Judge In Lawson Trial May Have To Recuse Himself

By Tony McVeigh


Frankfort, KY – Federal district Judge Danny Reeves says more than 20-years ago he worked for the same law firm as a Louisville lawyer who performed legal services for one of Leonard Lawson's companies. Lawson attorney Guthrie True says Reeves must now decide if the situation requires his recusal from the conspiracy case against Lawson. "I think we're in a position to say, we hope not. Because we'd like to expedite the trial of this case and we would be able to do that, most likely, with Judge Reeves."

In other action, Lawson, former state Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert and Lawson employee Brian Billings were all arraigned anew on a federal indictment combining the two conspiracy counts in the original indictment. All three entered NOT guilty pleas. A June 23rd trial date has been set aside for now.