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KY Congressman Says Climate Change Bill Bad for The State / Nation

By Capitol News Connection


Washington, DC – The bill would put a price on greenhouse gas emissions to encourage consumers to choose clean energy over fossil fuels. Congressman Whitfield says it will kill jobs and cripple the economy.

"Even though I am not going to vote for the bill, I do think it's important to improve it to help lower our electric! ity cost, and we know we can best do that by utilizing coal."

Whitfield voted for an amendment that would provide cheap loans to clean energy, including clean coal and nuclear power. And he says he wants to do more for coal and nuclear.

"There are all sorts of alternative energy that we need to explore. We think they should be explored over wind and solar. Throughout the Midwest, you really can't produce enough by wind power or solar to provide the needs for electricity."

The committee is scheduled to vote on the climate change bill before the end of the week. Not a single Republican is likely to vote yes, and some Democrats are still undecided.