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Americans View Astronomical Show As Total Solar Eclipse Sweeps Across U.S.

KEVIN BUNCH: Hello, this is Kevin Bunch (ph). I was in Lebanon, Tenn., for the eclipse, came down here to get married.


NPR listeners are sharing their stories of the eclipse today.

BUNCH: My partner, she asked me if I wanted to get married under this eclipse. So we came out here after planning for a couple of years. And we got our parents out here and our siblings. And I've always wanted to see one of these things 'cause I've always been kind of a space nerd. You know, I didn't get the chance to see a partial eclipse when I was a kid 'cause they kept us all in the school, so I was really interested in seeing this one for years. And oh, it was amazing. Like, the - one of the most amazing days in my life on many counts. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.