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Gunman Kills Guard In Federal Building In NYC, Then Kills Himself

Police say a man entered a New York City federal office building Friday afternoon, approached a metal detector and shot a security guard at close range. The guard was pronounced dead later at a hospital.

Chief James O'Neill tells reporters that after shooting the guard, the gunman continued on to the building's elevator area, where he encountered another building employee. O'Neill says at that point, the gunman shot and killed himself.

Police identify the security guard as Idrissa Camara, 53, who was employed by a private company, FJC, under contract to the Department of Homeland Security.

Police say the gunman was Kevin Downing, 68, a former federal employee who lived in Fort Lee, N.J.

Police are trying to determine Downing's motivation, but say there is "no indication of a nexus to terrorism."

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Hansi Lo Wang (he/him) is a national correspondent for NPR reporting on the people, power and money behind the U.S. census.